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Unable To Extend Temp Segment By 256 In Tablespace Temp


Sorry, no line February 14, 2006 - 7:45 am UTC Reviewer: Steve Hi Tom, Unfortunately we do not have the line that threw the error. All rights reserved. ops$tkyte%ORA10GR2> create table ttt tablespace system as select * from all_objects; Table created. I want to become a living god! check over here

You can always add multiple datafiles for a tablespace, with a small start size (ie. 10mb or something small) w/ a max size of unlimited (up to the boundary), and auto What are the considerations for waterproofing a building's first few floors? I'll try it. and we said... http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11839576/ora-01652-unable-to-extend-temp-segment-by-in-tablespace

Ora-01652: Unable To Extend Temp Segment By 128 In Tablespace

it sort of appears your temp tablespace is "offline", have you looked at that? exporting sequence numbers . How is the process here? Followup March 21, 2005 - 10:28 am UTC system is where the dictionary is, xdb where xml db is installed.

  • Regards Michel Report message to a moderator Re: ORA-01652-unable to extend temp segment by 128 in tablespace TEMP [message #563079 is a reply to message #561839] Wed, 08
  • Perhaps you actually ran out of space.
  • And if I'm not mistaken, the error was sent to the screen where the script was run (but I'll need to verify this with the support engineer that was running the

Please utilize support. Theorems demoted back to conjectures Help, my office wants infinite branch merges as policy; what other options do we have? To prevent this either I need to add space or modify the next extent size of the table or index.(make it smaller) Followup December 17, 2009 - 7:28 am UTC correct Unable To Extend Temp Segment By 128 In Tablespace Temp Solution Fuzzy eyes this afternoon, maybe because of the 35°C in my office...

ORA-01652: Unable to Extend Temp Segment by 128 in Tablespace TEMP Nilesh Zende asked May 9, 2013 | Replies (6) I am using Oracle - 64bit ORA-01652: unable to extend Ora-01652 Unable To Extend Temp Segment By 128 In Tablespace Temp2 You want to be able to detect and stop rogue applications before they consume a huge amount of temp. Rima Followup December 14, 2009 - 3:46 pm UTC http://asktom.oracle.com/pls/asktom/f?p=100:11:0::::P11_QUESTION_ID:374218170986#6821401045030 but remember, it'll be the statement that ran into a problem - it doesn't have to be the statement that CAUSED oracle tablespaces share|improve this question edited Sep 3 '14 at 17:51 asked Sep 3 '14 at 17:37 Chris Farmer 123116 1 Try purge recyclebin; –Mihai Sep 3 '14 at 18:06

First ORA-01652 may occur because there is simply no space available in the temp tablespace of which is being used. Ora-1652 Unable To Extend Temp Segment By 128 In Tablespace Temp Oracle 11g Followup February 14, 2006 - 9:12 am UTC if that error went to the screen, then either a) you have code that catches "when others" and used dbms_output.print_line to print it Thanks for your help. The max size of a datafile depends on the block size of the database.

Ora-01652 Unable To Extend Temp Segment By 128 In Tablespace Temp2

Did I create the data file correctly? http://dba.stackexchange.com/questions/75632/how-can-i-resolve-this-ora-01652-error-when-i-already-added-a-new-file-to-the-te Obviously the analytic function uses far too much space so is there any better alternative to execute the query? Ora-01652: Unable To Extend Temp Segment By 128 In Tablespace Ananthram replied May 9, 2013 Hi, I believe your temp file is either not set to Autoextend on OR there is not enough space on the disk where your temp file Ora-01652 Unable To Extend Temp Segment By 16 In Tablespace Temp After running the procedure (which by the way is part of a larger script) we see that: o The table PPW_CUST_HISTORY is now non-partitioned (so step one worked) o Table ppw_cust_hist_tmp

BurlesonOracle Press authorAuthor of Oracle Tuning: The Definitive Reference « Next Oldest · Oracle Forum · Next Newest » 1 User(s) are reading this topic (1 Guests and 0 http://brrian.net/extend-temp/unable-to-extend-temp-segment-by-64-in-tablespace-temp.html SQL> shutdown immediate; SQL> startup; SQL> Drop tablespace temp including contents; Tablespace dropped. export is running a query, that query is generating the need to spill to disk (are your pga/sort area sizes set reasonable? Is there a way to see that? Oracle Extend Temp Tablespace

Followup March 19, 2007 - 10:16 am UTC why is it hard to believe? Cannot explain why we got ORA-01652 February 13, 2006 - 4:19 pm UTC Reviewer: steve from Canada Hi Tom, I (and a couple of other DBAs) are at a loss to Bounce the database so that actual temporary space is release from 'temp' Tablespace and Drop tablespace 'temp' including content. http://brrian.net/extend-temp/unable-to-extend-temp-segment-by-128-in-tablespace-temp.html Copyright © 2015 Oracle and/or its affiliates.

SQL> analyze table ALL_TAB_COLUMNS compute statistics; analyze table ALL_TAB_COLUMNS compute statistics * ERROR at line 1: ORA-01702: a view is not appropriate here Regards Michel Report message to a moderator Ora-01652 Unable To Extend Temp Segment By 128 In Tablespace Psaptemp Remember, the parallel query coordinator has receives the returned results from the parallel processes as a last step of the OPQ sort. If you are experiencing ORA-01652 in a non-RA environment, be aware that every SQL making use of the tablespace can fail.

This basically means that free space from other instances is being requested, and typically signifies that there is instance contention.

Is the drop responsible or rather the fact that bucket was already full? Thanks :) share|improve this answer edited Jul 18 '15 at 15:52 James Z 9,08771234 answered Aug 7 '12 at 22:49 Niranjan Sonachalam 6931926 4 Another approach that can help is Reviews thanks March 21, 2005 - 4:22 am UTC Reviewer: Cedric from Grenoble, FRANCE Thanks for your explanation. Ora-01652 Unable To Extend Temp Segment By 128 In Tablespace Temp1 Description: When a sort operation is too large to fit in memory, Oracle allocates space in a temporary tablespace for intermediate data to be written to disk.

Try to create a table which consumes more than 1M size so as to extend the datafile as below: create table test1 tablespace test as select * from dba_objects; 3. To be honest I don't know how to be sure of that ... when you delete from a table, the table gets free space - to be used for subsequent inserts. http://brrian.net/extend-temp/unable-to-extend-temp-segment-by-128-in-tablespace-temp-ts.html more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed

April 15, 2009 - 4:47 am UTC Reviewer: Scofield Thanks Tom. Your knowledge about Oracle database is incomparable. Does advantage negate disadvantage (for things such as sneak attack)? Exactly February 24, 2006 - 11:08 am UTC Reviewer: A reader Haven't checked the site for the last couple of days and got a reply from Oracle support and was about

If there is a good amount of space, you know that there is another cause for ORA-01652, and it is probably the second scenario. exporting database links . No matter you can keep TEMP02 as default tablespace or you can created again TEMP tablespace and make it as a default tableapace. Now While taking the backup of the above query also I am getting the error as ....

Browse other questions tagged sql database oracle or ask your own question. December 16, 2009 - 9:20 pm UTC Reviewer: A reader Respected Sir; I just read the above posts, Is my understanding correct?