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Unable To Create Appc Transaction

Description Application deployment descriptor - application.xml contains the list of defined modules for the application and their locations within the application. Also, ensure the ejb-link points to an EJB with component interfaces. Action Make sure that the deployment is a valid jar file with a J2EE standard extension. 160045(retired) Error: The module moduleName in application appName cannot be individually redeployed because it shares This error may be caused by memory fragmentation. 0284E Error forking: Error 0 Reason: Cannot create an additional process. have a peek at this web-site

Action: None. exception Description Could not initialize the library libInfo. Some of the topics covered in this comprehensive volume include:Building web applications on the WebLogic ServerBuilding and optimizing RMI applicationsUsing EJBs with WebLogic, including CMP entity beansPackaging and deploying applicationsUnderstanding WebLogic's Action: None. http://www.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21575518

Possibly incompatible JAM gateway and CRM. Action Look at the classloader organization defined by the classloader-structure element in weblogic-application.xml and make sure that the calling module is either using the same classloader as the module containing the Cause The class is an interface or abstract class. The invocation mode is undefined.

On z/OS, this means that the APPL is active. ACTION Change start type to COLD and restart. 9010:ERROR failed with failCode DESCRIPTION A conversation has failed with the stack return code of . may appear as: Outbound Action No action required. 160064(retired) Warning: There was an error while making the initial connection to the JMS resource named poolName from within an EJB or a servlet. Action: Check the SNA connectivity and retry the transfer.

This normally occurs when the API entry in the gateway configuration for the remote service specifies CICS instead of ATMI. If the problem persists, contact CA Technologies Technical Support. 0309E Error reading local input file: Error 0 Reason: An error occurred while reading the input file. Action: Switch to 2K packing (CARRIAGE_FLAG=MPACK) or no packing (CARRIAGE_FLAG=NO). 0510E 31K packing (CARRIAGE_FLAG=XPACK) is not supported with VERSION=1. my company DESCRIPTION CRM was unable to instantiate the stack object due to an error.

Description Failed to undeploy security role for resource: resource while undeploying the application. Use Enter to open the page. Please ensure that you have write permission for this directory and try again. Description This should never happen.

ACTION Ensure that multiple Tuxedo configurations do not use the same local LU. 9027:WARNING Remote Stop Received for DESCRIPTION The remote host has issued a stop for the specified my review here ACTION Check host application program and correct. 9043:ERROR Missing send last from host (ATMI request/response) for context DESCRIPTION Host application did not issue send last during an outbound request/response service. Use the up and down arrow keys to navigate. To correct this set the ACTIVE parameter.

Description You can only use an EJB local reference if the classloader organization is such that the calling module can see the classes of the module containing the EJB being called. Check This Out ACTION The reason for the failure is described by . In this case, all modules that share that classloader or a classloader that is an offspring of that classloader will need to be redeployed too. Action: None.

Since a file already existed with the same name as the output archive, the old file will be restored. If this file is a different type of file, please rename it appropriately. Search returned no results. Source Reason: The transfer was not scheduled because the starting date cannot be parsed.

Action: Retry the transfer. This message is used to report the state of the CA XCOM Data Transport transaction program. 0161I REMOTE_ATTACH Reason: The state machine is about to enter REMOTE_ATTACH state. Cause The link did not resolve to a valid EJB.

The alt-dd setting must point to a valid deployment descriptor.

Reason: Transfer was released. If no apparent error is found, contact BEA Customer Support. 9011:ERROR Attempt to connect as second master refused! In this state, the transfer file name is checked for wild cards. Reason: The XCOM62 command was specified with parameters QUEUE=NO and PROTOCOL=TCPIP in effect.

Action: None. Action Redeploy entire application. 160067(retired) Error: The classloader-structure definition for the application named appName has changed in an incompatible way. Cause A module was moved from one classloader node to a different classloader node. http://brrian.net/unable-to/unable-to-end-xbsa-transaction.html The host application may have abended.

Action: None. Action: Use the XCOM62 command for transfers using SNA/APPC protocols. 0032I RESUME command enabled transfer for remote restart. And system architects will appreciate the detailed analysis of the different system architectures supported by WebLogic, the overall organization of a WebLogic domain and supporting network infrastructure, and more.WebLogic: The Definitive Description This unqualified ejb-link resolved to multiple EJBs in the application.

An IOException was thrown while trying to read the descriptors. Reason: Error(s) found in parsing XCOM.GLB; XCOMD CA XCOM Scheduler service cannot start. ACTION is the description of the stack return code. The output archive is created by archiving the appc working directory after compilation has completed.

Action Double check the deployment path provided in the deployment request. 160032 Error: Unable to create mbean Name: name Type: type Exception: msg Description MBean creation Error. Action: Determine why the file was updated and/or retry the transfer. 0426E Restarting from beginning of file Reason: Neither alpha nor beta counts match. ACTION Correct application or gateway configuration. 9034:ERROR Service Request at SyncLevel=2 Rejected on PENDING link for context DESCRIPTION An attempt to start a new sync level 2 request has In this state, it sends the overlay record that is part of the indirect transfer protocol.

Description The module moduleName in application appName shares a classloader with other modules in application appName. The following error occurred while accessing it:\nerror Description An error occurred while processing the specified source file. Cause The classloader-structure definition was removed from weblogic-application.xml. Reason: XCOM did not successfully connect to the relational database identified by xcom.glb parameters: XCOMHIST=name of odbc connection XCOMHIST_USER=name of the user authorized to use the xcomhist database.

ACTION Run CRMLOGS to examine the CRM log file. Cause This message is no longer used.